Jingeri! I’m borobi

He’s a little fella with big plans..

You see there used to be more than 250 Aboriginal languages spoken in Australia and now 90% are endangered. Borobi is super proud to keep these languages alive… so proud he wears it on his chest for all to see. His new shirt was designed by his jimbelung (friend) Preston Campbell. You see since this little cheeky blue koala returned from the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games with his important new job working, Borobi has been busy helping to revive the local language visiting schools and workplaces. He will continue to be a Koala Ambassador as well as welcoming tourists with local stories.

Next time you see Borobi out and about make sure you greet him by saying Jingeri jimbelung which means hello friend/ g’day mate. Did you know? By saying Borobi you are already using the Yugambeh language!


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Borobi wants to share your moments! @borobijingeri

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