Welcome! The Yugambeh Museum has a range of resources to assist you either in the school environment, home or business.  If you are after a resource to learn Yugambeh then our dictionary is a great place to start. if you are interested in songs that are translated in Yugambeh you will find details below about our Yugambeh Choir and songs (free and to purchase) will be available soon in our Shop. Join our newsletter to keep up to date with new resources as they become available.

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Language Lists

The Yugambeh Museum serves as a Regional Language Centre covering over a dozen languages and dialects within southern Queensland. Below are some word-lists of languages that we service*:

  • Yugambeh (A typed edition of Allen & Lane's Wordlist)

  • Gunggari (St. Patrick's School Community Wordlist)

  • Kalkadoon (Kalkadoon language pictorial dictionary)

  • Say G'Day (A joint project with State Library of Queensland, The Say G'Day list has greetings and salutations in over 140 languages) 

*Lists were written in the spelling system of their respective authors or by community standards at the time of production; Aboriginal languages have historically been unwritten, which has resulted in many different spelling systems being used, some based on English or other European languages. These systems may have changed or may change as communities work to revitalise and document their languages - No system is ‘incorrect’, they each capture the nuances of language in their own way.

The Yugambeh Youth Choir - singing in yugambeh language

The Yugambeh Museum presents the Yugambeh Youth Choir, a local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander choir, trained by accomplished Choirmaster and proud Kombumerri woman Candace Kruger. The choir weaves the regions language, culture and stories together in traditional and contemporary Yugambeh language pieces.

Choir Candace Photo.jpg

Yugambeh Youth Choir performing the Yugambeh tribute to the Australian national anthem Wandah Jageegan Djagun (Rise Up Beautiful Country) on League Nation Live


Would you like to book the Yugambeh Youth Choir?

Yugambeh Youth Choir Enquiry Form

The Yugambeh Youth Choir regularly perform traditional and contemporary language pieces at events and functions throughout the region. 

To secure a Choir performance at your event or function, please complete the form.

Proceeds from Yugambeh Youth Choir performances support Yugambeh language revitalisation efforts.

Note you will need to go through the checkout process for the form to be submitted. There is no charge to submit an enquiry. A quote will be provided to you once availability is checked.

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Free language colouring in resources

Would you like to learn some songs in Yugambeh language? Check our music resources in our shop and make sure you join our newsletter to be kept up to date with new releases.

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Watch this video of Shaun Davies explain how to pronounce the animal words in the free animal language booklet

Free Animal Language Colouring in Booklet

Download this little booklet to learn some animal words for Koala, Kangaroo, Frog, Pelican, Dolphin, Pretty-faced Wallaby and Echidna.

This accompanies the instruction booklet for assembly and video. Don’t forget to add these to your cart.

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Free Animal Language Colouring Booklet Instructions for assembly

This is the assembly instructions for the animal language colouring in booklet. You will need to download a separate file for the booklet

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Free Colouring in sheets available for Borobi (koala) and Jingeri Jingeri (willy wagtail)

Free Borobi Colouring In

Download this free Borobi colouring in seet

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Free Jingeri Colouring in sheet

Download this colouring in sheet to help learn the word for the Willy Wagtail.

The word ‘Jingeri’ on it’s own means ‘hello.’

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