*Limited Edition* Borobi Language Kit - mailed out from 21st May 2019

*Limited Edition* Borobi Language Kit - mailed out from 21st May 2019


If you’re looking to theme up your workplace/cafe/school/home/etc for Borobi Day you can purchase Borobi’s language kit. Note - these will be distributed in the post from Tue 21st May 2019 and are not for sale individually as they form part of the limited edition kit.

Your limited edition kit comes in it’s very own themed box from Borobi which Includes:

  • Limited edition Borobi t-shirt

  • 2 x themed A3 posters ‘Learn 3 words’

  • 5m of Borobi bunting to theme up your space

  • 10 x Yugambeh language bubble signs (perfect for social media or labelling your space)

  • 2 x Borobi Day paper flags

  • 2 x A3 Borobi posters to encouraging the use of Yugambeh language

  • 2 x Borobi counter top standee

  • 6 x language stickers (Borobi, Jingeri, Jimbelung words)

  • 5 x mini pocket booklets ‘Learn 10 words’, a local story and place names

  • Hard copy of all of Borobi’s free resource downloads so you can copy more

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Note upon purchase these kits will be mailed from Tuesday 21st May 2018.

When your kit arrives you are welcome to decorate your area and start learning the words in your kit.

Don’t forget to tag in Borobi on social media @borobijingeri for your chance of a surprise visit to your home/workplace/school